Novaservice is one of the leading firms in the local market for technical, economic and financial consulting services in the field of energy and environment. We are licensed by the Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA) and accredited for energy auditing under the EBRD Energy Efficiency Program BAS (Business Advisory Services).

The company has realized more than 50 projects under the EEF rules for public (state) institutions, local municipalities, kindergartens, schools, high schools, hospitals, local mayoralties, etc. We are one of the best practices example company at the EEF. The quality/cost ratio is one of the best, under the official data of the EEA.

We have carried out audit projects in partnership with the EBRD for large companies such as ProAlfa Service, IMC Market, Cobusca Quarry, Castel Mimi vinery.

The team consists of people with good experience in the field of energy, elaboration of energy audits and technical solutions. Experts that we are collaborating among the team have working experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy focused programs such as EBRD program MoSEFF, other energy and waste minimization initiatives/studies, Technical University Professors, specialists with experience in working formerly with the Energy Efficiency Agency and Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) of Moldova. Our team members participate to seminars, trainings and round tables in the domain of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

The firm itself is relatively young (having about 2 years since foundation) but we concentrated experienced people among the best that worked in energy auditing and consultancy and helping to improve the energy efficiency in Moldova.

As a rule of thumb, the working process is coordinated with the beneficiary, and flexibility assures a timely working process tailored to clients need and deadline. The quality control is assured at every stage of the project, results are crosschecked and recommendations are applied.


Sergiu Unureanu – Energy auditor, having an experience of 5 years (2010-2015) of working in MOSEFF program of EBRD ( ) as energy auditor. Performed energy audits in fields like building rehabilitation, industrial equipment changing, agricultural projects auditing (changing of agricultural machines and methodologies of land working), and projects for renewable energy like biogas, solar collectors, and biomass projects. Experience in auditing public sector objects. Seven years of university work (Energy Faculty). About 35 Energy audits under EBRD and 50 under EEF in Moldova


Mihail Braguta – Energy auditor and manager of company. Having 7 years of experience in working in energy auditing for private and public sector. Performed audits under “The program of Energy Efficiency for Chisinau and Simferopol” in 2012, performed about 8 audits for Chisinau city hall under the program. Certified participance in many specialized conferences in related fields on national and international level. More than 50 Energy audits experience.


Galina Verdes – Expert, energy auditor. Basic qualification – Thermo-energy. Rich experience in building systems audit projects, thermal energy generation, heat distribution systems. Experience in renewable energy projects and in working with private businesses. Work experience in international projects. About 12 project within the team.

Aurel Gutu – University professor, Ph.D. with more than 40 years of experience in Thermo-energy cathedra at the Energy Faculty of Technical University of Moldova. Member of Academy of sciences of Moldova. (more than 30 international En. Audits experience)

Eduard Radjbhandari – Qualified engineer in the field of energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy; licentiate in Thermoenegetics, master in Energy and Environment. Experience in the field of about 9 years comprising teaching activities in Technical University of Moldova, energy-related and sizing calculations within the local companies, consultancy for the Climate Change Office of the Ministry of Environment of Moldova as well as working in international organizations-funded programs (EU, EBRD, NIF, UNDP) focused on energy efficiency, waste minimization, green technologies and global warming issue. Participation and/or coordination in more than 80 energy audits and energy performance assessments for buildings, industrial, commercial and agricultural enterprises, boiler houses, steam boilers and systems, renewable energy projects, etc.

Dumitru Braga – Energy auditor licensed at Agency for Energy Efficiency in Moldova. Is working at Technical University of Moldova. Good specialist in thermal field, having experience in designing energy efficient solutions for thermal energy. About 18 Energy audits Experience

Stefan Seracuta – Energy specialist, main field designing and calculating the electrical networks. Experience in international projects, worked as main expert in Carbon Finance Unit in Moldova, for emissions reductions and treading. Expert in MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) in LECB project in Moldova.